Saturday, July 20, 2024

Crypto Exchange LBank has recently signed a partnership deal with Encryptus Europe UAB to make it easier than ever for their users to access crypto to payouts in over 100 countries. This partnership gives LBank the opportunity to focus on user acquisition and retention while still giving them the ability to offer useful services with stable coins through off-ramps. The One-API-Connects-All feature that is part of this partnership simplifies the whole process and makes it even more attractive to people new to cryptocurrency. With this partnership, LBank is now able to provide its users with an exciting new way to manage their digital assets and convert them into local fiat currencies.

The recent signing of Crypto Exchange LBank and Encryptus signifies a major shift towards a more secure and efficient crypto payout infrastructure. This will improve the overall user experience, and give users confidence that their payments will be processed quickly and without the stress of traditional banking processes. With this agreement in place, users can rest assured that their payouts will be safe, secure, and supported by an experienced team dedicated to their success.


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