Saturday, July 20, 2024

In a major development in the world of digital payments, Wasabi Wallet and Btcpay have come together to introduce a revolutionary new plugin for the Btcpay server. Dubbed the Coinjoin Plugin, this new solution helps merchants transact with enhanced privacy by utilizing Wasabi’s Wabisabi coinjoin coordination protocol. Activating the plugin enables users to coinjoin funds they receive and send from their store, creating an extra layer of privacy while transacting. Ready to learn more about how this innovative solution can help protect Bitcoin transactions? Read on to find out!

Enhanced Privacy

Innovative cryptocurrency platform Btcpay recently unveiled its new server plugin that seeks to enhance the privacy of Bitcoin transactions for merchants. This new plugin was developed in conjunction with Wasabi Wallet and utilizes the Wabisabi coinjoin coordination protocol. Through this protocol, multiple users can join together in a single transaction, which complicates the tracing of funds through the blockchain and ultimately strengthens the privacy of Bitcoin transactions.

Furthermore, the plugin offers a payment batching feature that serves to save block space by merging multiple payments into one. Additionally, the world’s leading hardware wallet manufacturer, Trezor, has collaborated with Wasabi and has deployed their coinjoin technology. The ultimate purpose of this technology is to ensure the privacy of Bitcoin users, as it prevents any external entity from being able to trace bitcoins back to the original sender or receiver without further information.

Overall, the new Btcpay Server Plugin is a fantastic development for cryptocurrency users whose main concern is maintaining privacy while engaging in BTC transactions. The plugin significantly bolsters Bitcoin’s privacy by allowing users to obscure their trails as much as possible, as well as allowing for simple payment batching for greater efficiency. As such, Btcpay and Wasabi have made great strides in bringing this innovative technology to the forefront of cryptocurrency privacy solutions.

Btcpay has once again revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies with the introduction of their new Coinjoin Plugin. This plugin offers enhanced privacy for merchants utilizing Bitcoin, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of privacy in a secure and efficient manner. With this innovative plugin, BTCPay is setting a new standard for Bitcoin privacy, providing merchants with the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.


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