Bitpapa, a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange, just made it easier for businesses to accept payments with digital currencies. This new service comes at a great time because more and more people in Africa are using and totally embracing cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitpapa recently launched a new and easy-to-use software package for businesses who want to add payment options to their website. They now offer customers the ability to pay with cryptocurrency when placing an order, as well as being able to use regular card payments. All of this is made possible through one of the country’s leading banks, which makes transactions secure and convenient.

To use this new service, first choose the P2P payment option. Then, you’ll receive all the details of a bank card that you need to transfer money for your order. This is like an internal bank transfer but without any extra fees or charges. The entire transaction process should take less than 30 seconds and afterwards, you will get confirmation which means your order has been paid for!

The people running businesses will get a message that their digital money holders now have more of the type of cryptocurrency they picked. Those business owners can then put some or all this cryptocurrency into different digital wallets or exchange it for regular money.

We just created a new and awesome way for businesses to accept payments from customers. Now, stores, services, or platforms can get money from their customers without using the traditional methods used by banks. It is easier, faster, and more secure than ever before and even people who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies can now pay with them. According to a spokesperson of our company the this new system will bring lots of benefits for businesses.

The launch of the new service brings lots of advantages when it comes to paying for products and services on the Internet or in stores. It’s less expensive than regular payment methods like credit or debit cards, and you don’t need to be part of a bank system. Plus, Bitpapa will give you more than 100 different options so that it is easier and simpler for you to pay!

Bitpapa is a platform where you can do online transactions securely and easily.

Bitpapa is an online platform that helps you buy, sell, store and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or other digital coins quickly and easily. It’s a safe platform because it uses decentralized infrastructure which means no one else can interfere in your trades. You don’t have to face any hidden fees because the platform offers more than 100 payment options tied with different currencies so that you can pay conveniently.

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