Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Bitcoin is on the rebound after hitting a low two months ago. This weekend, bitcoin has been bought up more as its price has gone back up from a recent point of support. Ethereum has also been increasing in value with its worth now above $1,800.


The Bitcoin market went up a little bit on Saturday from its two months low price. The reason for this increase was because people were buying back the lower-priced bitcoin quickly.

Before the rally, it dropped to $25,878.43 and then increased to an intraday high of $26,989.07 later in the day. Also, it was higher than a point called the key support at $26,500 after a breakout on Friday.

When looking at the BTC/USD daily chart, it looks like we had some help from something called relative strength index (RSI), which stopped at 36.00.

Right now, the price of bitcoin is at 37.99. If it goes higher and reaches 43 dollars, things will be looking good for bitcoin and we should expect it to get back up to 27 thousand dollars again this weekend.

One More Weekend of Money to be Made with Ethereum (ETH)!

Ethereum (ETH) was worth more than $1,800 again this weekend. ETH went up to nearly $1,816 in the last day alone and it dropped down to around $1,747 the day before that. People who believe ETH will keep going up decided these were good times to buy more of it.

ETH, which is the same as BTC, appears to be getting stronger and could reach a high point of $1,830. It has currently reached a stable point at $41 and is nearing an even higher point at $45. Keep in mind that these numbers can still change this weekend! Register your email address here to receive weekly updates so you stay up-to-date on ETH price changes. Let us know what you think will happen this weekend by leaving your comments below.

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