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Crypto exchange Binance has been teaching law enforcement agencies in Ukraine. They have done this several times in the last year – all around the world.

Binance Teaching Ukraine Police Forces About Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology!

Binance, the world’s biggest digital asset exchange, has been helping Ukraine by giving seminars about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to the country’s police forces and other organisations. A Binance representative talked about how their company stops money laundering and fraud during these seminars.

Employees from Ukraine’s Cyberpolice, National Police, Security Service and Asset Recovery Agency went to classes.

Kiril Khomyakov, the general manager for Ukraine and Central Europe at Binance, said that they have to face a lot of issues each day while battling with Russia. One of these issues is when criminals try to steal money in an illegal way which could ruin the overall financial system in the country. He added that their goal is to work together and stop this from happening – especially when it comes to terrorism-related activities.

In Ukraine, the police is fighting against online criminals that use cryptocurrencies. Last November, they caught a bad guy who tricked people into investing money in his scheme and made €200 million each year by using call centers across Europe. In 2019, the Cyberpolice supported making cryptos legal in Ukraine and even began accepting crypto donations.

A country in Eastern Europe is starting to use cryptocurrency a lot and it’s also working together with people who use cryptocurrencies to regulate the market. Since November, that country has been asking crypto trading platforms for information about who owns which wallets as part of their investigate into criminal activities.

Binance’s team has had many meetings with representatives from police forces over the last year. These people came from lots of different countries to talk about cybercrime and financial crime.

Binance, an exchange, has been getting involved in teaching about the cryptocurrency industry in different parts of the world. In February, it promised to help people in Georgia understand more about Blockchain and other crypto related ideas. December saw them launch a program in Kazakhstan to teach people more about blockchain technology and encourage Azerbaijan to introduce new rules around using digital money.

Do you know any other exchanges that are teaching police officers how to use cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments section!

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