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Nowadays, AI technology is everywhere. A lot of cryptocurrencies have been utilizing it like ChatGPT and other famous apps. However, not all AI are the same. Agoras token has been using a type called Logical-AI for quite some time now, making it stand out from other digital currencies.

Agoras ($AGRS) is a special cryptocurrency run entirely by its users. This means that no one else controls the system. This unique option is made possible by Logical AI, an advanced combination of software and communication methods. Logical AI lets us detect limits and precisely describe our agreement obligations without any confusion. Everything can be turned into instructions that the computer can understand, so people have direct control over the network.

Do other blockchains really have proper decentralization?

A lot of blockchain projects say they are decentralized, but the way they do things isn’t great. For example, their users can vote on code only manually or use artificial intelligence to make decisions in bulk. Also, a central team of developers need to be trusted to do the coding and it’s hard for them to prove that the outcome is right.

Tau Net is a network where users can decide the changes that should be made by saying what they would like it to look like. Then, the system will figure out how most people agree and put it into the next part of the blockchain.

Tau Net is a new economy run by its users who will use Agoras tokens. Everything about these tokens, like their value and what they can be used for, can be changed based on the collective decisions made by all users. This makes Agoras the first cryptocurrency that’s completely commanded by its own members.

Different users may have various preferences for Agoras’ system design. For example, one user might want it to be deflationary, meaning that active network participants (like them!) will get rewards. Another user might also want something similar, but with different details. Tau Net can figure out what everybody wants and then adjust the tokenomics – a complicated set of rules – to make sure that 50% of all transaction fees are used to reward active participants, while the other half is burned up so that the amount of money in Agoras decreases.

Agoras is a system that uses technology to help people work together and buy the stuff they need. At the start, Agoras can be used to trade knowledge, computer power, and other related items. As more and more things become available in the system, it will reflect what its users want as well as their collective purchasing ability.

Tau Net is a platform where people can share their knowledge. The cool thing about it is that this shared knowledge gets stored in an awesome, powerful database. And when you decide to make your knowledge available on the network, you get rewarded! You can get Agoras ($AGRS) and other rewards for helping others out with your knowledge or advice. It’s a great way to earn money without having to put in any extra effort!

You can now use your smartphones, laptops, or tablets to make money! By leasing small fractions of your computer’s parts like its CPU, hard drive, and GPU on Tau Net’s economy you will be able to earn money in the form of Agoras. Even though it’s difficult to sell CPU usage in the traditional market, Agoras makes it easy for everyone with a computer to make an extra income. With millions of users around the world renting out parts of their computers, this could give us more computing power than some of the biggest tech companies!

Tau Net will offer a market where people can trade special types of investments, like futures and options. These investments will have no risk, and the amount of money won’t change due to inflation. This is all possible with something called Agoras cryptocurrency.

Agoras has a special kind of AI technology called Tau, which uses ‘logic’ instead of just machine learning. This makes it different from other cryptocurrencies, because it gives users control over the network and the coins. Also, this means Agoras can keep improving in a more organized way. In short: with Tau tech, Agoras stands out compared to other crypto options!

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